Hi and welcome to The Stitch Aesthetic – a site wholly devoted to the beauty of stitch!  It’s a place to learn, relax and be inspired to create your own beautiful stitched designs.  Based around hand and machine stitch, design, process, studio work and the business behind that studio work, with just a few extras thrown in for good measure.

I truly believe the mindfulness achieved throughout the entire process of making, from concept to design to creation, no matter what genre, is one which lifts our minds and spirits to a place where pressures, expectations and stress almost disappear.  It’s a space where time ceases to exist and our levels of creativity soar.  That’s the sweet spot!

I’ve taken time to master these processes and now I’m sharing that knowledge here.  If you’ve ever struggled with design (as I have), how to focus (as I have), how to find your style (also as I have) or just want some creative ideas to help you move forward, then take some time and have a peek here.  The answers to what you’re looking for may well be a few seconds away.

Team Stitch Aesthetic is me.  I use stitch every day.  As an award winning contemporary embroiderer, I design and create uniquely distinctive works of visual art incorporating the use of bold colour palettes.  

In fact for me, the use of colour must be one of the most inspiring aspects to design.  Replicating that in stitch is another.

I’ve now discovered a passion for research and writing.  Who knew?  It’s slow work, but it’s a fascinating journey.  Check out my Blog and new Resources page, using the buttons below.  If you like what I’m up to, feel free to sign up for regular updates.  I’d love to have you on board.

Whether you’re a slow stitcher or a machine embroiderer like me, The Stitch Aesthetic is where it’s all happening.

Let’s do this!