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Learn more about me and what I do through quotes from my blog posts and images of my work and inspiration.

‘2020 is my year to become a pearl gatherer and explorer of thoughts and imagination.’  The Pearl Gatherer Blog Post 2020.

‘If you have the good bones of a strong design, covering it with pretty clothes is the easy part.  Just get those good bones first before you put the party dress on.’ Good Bones, Pretty Clothes Blog Post, coming soon in 2020

‘If I’m putting my all into my work, it’s only common sense to do the same for the words describing my work.’  Nigella and Michelangelo Blog Post, coming soon in 2020

‘To distinguish your style, you have to be able to see and to connect those dots by looking backward, not forwards.’ Great Idea.  OMG.  What’s Next Blog Post, coming soon in 2020

‘The rhythm of the stitch simply takes over.  Like gossamer, my threads spin an exquisitely protective, celestial web about me.  Heaven, here I come.’  Stitch Nirvana Blog Post, coming soon in 2020

‘Success is like an iceberg, people see the successes.  What they don’t see is what’s supporting the entire iceberg to ensure those successes happen.’  Great Idea.  OMG.  What’s Next? Blog Post, coming soon in 2020

‘This book is like the Jane Austen of the Embroidery World in my opinion.  The writing is a little dated and flowery, but none-the-less sharply insightful, well-researched and logically portrayed, gently scattered with delightfully useful and informative line drawings and black-and-white plates.’  Bibliophilia Blog Post, coming soon in 2020

‘All too often it’s very easy to become entranced with the new.  But for me, looking back through old ideas and design work is just as mesmerizing and often uncovers forgotten gems.’  Look Back to Move Forward Blog Post 2019

‘A design isn’t necessarily finished just because you’ve completed stitching it out.  Why not go back and look at how much more it may have to offer?’  How To Expand/Extend Design Blog Post 2019

‘I can look at a new design at odd times and see different things each time – and that’s a good thing, as I need that time to consider, reflect, edit and perfect.’ Vision Boards -Storytelling for Textile Artists Blog Post 2019

‘This challenge exerts inward pressure.  It will define new thought processes and outcomes.  This inner pressure we exert on ourselves produces the best work possible.  It’s also part of The Iceberg Effect, the things people don’t see which tend to yield the most success.’ Great Idea.  OMG.  What’s Next? Blog Post, coming soon in 2020

‘The design is already there, but by pushing harder, digging deeper and thinking differently, I can usually find new designs from the original.’  How to Expand/Extend a Design Blog Post 2019

‘The more information you can come up with, the better because editing will rectify any wordy overload.  Write for the pure pleasure of illustrating and commending your work to the world.’  Energised Writing Blog Post, coming soon in 2020.  Here’s a Checklist for your convenience.