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Cathy Jack Coupland

Australian textile artist Cathy Jack Coupland is best known for her vibrantly coloured embroidered quilts covered in thousands upon thousands of machine made stitch.

Using simple techniques, representational and abstract designs Cathy transforms soft substrates into compressed, rigid textiles, rippling with masterful fabric manipulation.

Cathy uses the machine needle as a sketching, drawing and colouring tool, exploiting the age-old allure of thread and stitch collaborating to produce uniquely tactile artworks. She says ‘I love to see a design come to life under the machine, day by day, simply by the addition of time and stitch. It’s mesmerizing.’

As her career evolves, Coupland devotes herself to exhibiting throughout the world and has work held in many private collections.

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Bullet Journals and creativity? You bet!

How many times have I written down an idea, or artist to research, then spent half an hour trying to find it? Not any more.  Important information, ideas, inspiration, or research, is now kept in MY BULLET JOURNAL. Information is easily accessible and it promotes my creativity.

Perfecting systems. What I do.

How do you approach your work day as a Textile Artist?  Is it a bit hit and miss, or do you have in place systems to support, save time, ensure focus and output and most of all achieve consistency in your work day?

One of my top 10 favourite books

How often can you honestly say, you’ve read an INSPIRATIONAL, LIFE-CHANGING book?  In my opinion ‘Momentum’ should be essential reading for anyone wanting to improve and succeed, no matter what you do. 

PROCESS – The Making of Vortex Part III

Ok, so I’m happy with my concept and how the design is resolving itself as to what works and what doesn’t. Love the dresses, love the quilting and believe the painting using black ink on the white background will be graphically energetic. This has to scream tension...

PROCESS – The Making of Vortex Part II

I’ve achieved a sense of what I set out to do with this work. It’s emotive, poignant, moving and ethereal. But many of these girls were furious at having their freedoms curtailed and raged against their confinement. Now I need to include their anger and frustration to...

PROCESS – The Making of Vortex

I love process. It’s what enables me to push through those difficult times during the design and making of a new work. Join me as I work through my processes for my new work Vortex. This is part 1 of 3. This work was an invitation from Anne Kempton from Timeless...


Different Directions with Carolyn Sullivan
December 2, 2017 to January 25, 2018
Embroiderers Guild NSW
76 Queen Street, Concord West NSW
Art Events:  Short-Sharp Workshops and Demonstration and Meet the Artists to be confirmed.

Place Solo exhibition
September 5 to 30
Timeless Textiles Gallery
90 Hunter Street, Newcastle
Opening September 6 by Brenda Gael Smith
Open hours:  Wed-Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 10am-2pm.  Closed public holidays

Place – a selection of work from this exhibition.
November 5 to 30, Concord Library
60 Flavelle Street, Concord NSW
Demonstration and Meet the Artist to be confirmed
Open hours:  Mon-Thur 9.30-7.30, Fri 9.30-5.00, Sat 9.30-4.00, Sun 1.00-5.00pm.  Closed public holidays


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