Personal Growth


Checklists to Inspire, Learn and Grow!  Just click on each title to Download.

Creativity:  be inspired to imagine and innovate to express your vision.

Take Your Camera for a Walk

I-Phone Images of Your Textile Art

Styling Your Textile Photoshoot

Why Keep a Creative Journal?

Design:  to plan, sketch or represent.

My Hierarchy of Design

How to Expand and Extend Design

Personal Growth:  unlock your potential to reach your dreams.

What’s Your Mission?

10 Steps to Success

Writing:  write about your work with vigour, energy and passion.

Energised Writing

Top Secret: You Have An Audience

Photo-books for Inspiration

Images are my go-to resource for instant inspiration.  So much so, it’s become a passion.  A little editing, a little magic, and voila, job done.  Just tap on each image for brilliant photo-book inspiration, all taken on my i-phone – they just take a few moments to load.  Use your images and work your own magic.

Take Your Camera

My i-phone is with me most of the time.  All these images were either taken on walks or at home.  Simple, accessible and meaningful.


One of the easiest, and most economical methods to create design inspiration.  Just takes some time and imagination.

Flat Lay Photography

Flat-Lay Photography really is an all-time favourite.  Book a photoshoot with yourself and keep taking shots from different angles.  Fun.

Free Wallpapers for your Desktop.  Just click on image to Download.