Are you interested in the art and history of embroidery?  Then Stitch Safari is just for you.

Stitch Safari Podcast began in 2020 and has now reached over 70 episodes and 7.5K downloads.

Supported by the Stitch Safari website, FB and IG pages, it’s a great place to learn about the art of the needle and its uses throughout history.

I begin with the evolution of needle and thread and move through periods to get an overall understanding of embroidery and its innovation over time.  Come and explore with me!


The following Checklists are an insight into how I work.  Use them to become more productive, save time and develop as an artist. Download by clicking on each title.

Creativity:  be inspired, imagine and innovate to express your vision.

Why Keep A Creative Journal?

25 Ideas to Boost Creativity


Take Your Camera For A Walk

Photographing Your Textile Art

Styling A Textile Photoshoot

Design:  to plan, sketch or represent.

Design Devices and Possibilities

Begin Where?

Extending Design

Look Back to Move Forward

The Design Pyramid

Personal Growth:  unlock your potential to reach your dreams.

Steps to Success

Your Artistic Voice and Style

Writing:  write about your work with vigour, energy and passion.

Energised Writing

Tell Your Story

Photo-books for Inspiration

Images are my go-to resource for instant inspiration.  So much so, it’s become a passion.  A little editing, a little magic, and voila, job done.  Just tap on each image for brilliant photo-book inspiration, all taken on my i-phone – they just take a few moments to load.  Use your images and work your own magic.

Take Your Camera

My i-phone is with me most of the time.  All these images were either taken on walks or at home.  Simple, accessible and meaningful.


One of the easiest, and most economical methods to create design inspiration.  Just takes some time and imagination.

Flat Lay Photography

Flat-Lay Photography really is an all-time favourite.  Book a photoshoot with yourself and keep taking shots from different angles.  Fun.

Free Wallpapers for your Desktop.  Just click on image to Download.