The Resources featured here are orientated around design, inspiration, creativity, motivation, studio practice and studio business.

Some of these ideas and thoughts may just strike a chord to motivate new design work, enhance creativity and better the systems and processes needed to make our work and business lives easier and more efficient.


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The ideas expressed are merely suggestions based on my experiences.

Whatever you do, just go for it and enjoy every moment.  Give it your all and remember, use your love and your passions!  It will shine in all your work.



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Here is a free giveaway, from me to you!  I’ve included three of my favourite images.  The first is a shot of the prettiest pink flowers – one which I use as my current Wallpaper – taken using my i-Phone.  I wrote about i-Phone photography in this blog post.  Check it out.  The second is an image of beading I stitched some time ago.  The colours are amazing – so rich and textural.  I love all the different shapes, sizes and colours of the beads.  

Lastly, is an image of a quilt entitled ‘Foliata’ which received a Commendation in The World Quilt Competition, 2016.  I took this image lit from behind, to focus on the beautiful machine stitching used on each and every leaf.  It’s an unusual work for me, as it’s entirely white-on-white, but it’s one of my favourites.  It’s soft, elegant and uses line, shape and pattern to great effect.  The wallpaper sizes are all 1920 x 1080 px.  Enjoy!