PROCESS – The Making of Vortex Part III

Ok, so I’m happy with my concept and how the design is resolving itself as to what works and what doesn’t. Love the dresses, love the quilting and believe the painting using black ink on the white background will be graphically energetic. This has to scream tension...

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PROCESS – The Making of Vortex Part II

I’ve achieved a sense of what I set out to do with this work. It’s emotive, poignant, moving and ethereal. But many of these girls were furious at having their freedoms curtailed and raged against their confinement. Now I need to include their anger and frustration to...

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PROCESS – The Making of Vortex

I love process. It’s what enables me to push through those difficult times during the design and making of a new work. Join me as I work through my processes for my new work Vortex. This is part 1 of 3. This work was an invitation from Anne Kempton from Timeless...

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