Toady, I’m jumping straight in with 25 inner-self fuelling, creative propositions:

  • follow your passions – whatever they may be
  • revisit past interests of hobbies
  • listen to your favourite music
  • surround yourself with things your absolutely love
  • make time to read
  • make time to write
  • spray a room with your favourite perfume
  • try a new recipe
  • find a community of like-minded people
  • make your own stamps
  • visit an art gallery, museum or library
  • learn to take great images on your phone
  • learn to edit images
  • learn to use Canva
  • book a photoshoot with yourself and use those images on social media
  • sign up for a new technique or art class
  • get into gardening
  • arrange flowers
  • draw using your non-dominant hand
  • start a collection
  • start a creative journal
  • sign-up for a Pinterest account
  • make postcards to send to friends, snail mail
  • make a dedicated workspace – it doesn’t have to be big
  • walk in the fresh air and sunshine every day

Hone in on what gratifies and delights you.  Relish whatever you do to support that sense of well being we all need to foster creativity.

These are just some suggestions. You might have your own ideas, just make a start, take a step, and remember, it’s all about you.

Episode 4 of The Stitch Safari Podcast is now out.  Listen where you find good Podcasts.

cathy jack coupland