I’m addicted to YouTube videos – I love their instantaneous variety.

But I am selective.

I want to share some of my favourite YouTube channels – ones that I’ve subscribed to for either information, inspiration, or simply to be entertained.

And when I choose that subscribe button and hit that bell, I do take a few things into consideration apart from their content – things like editing, how they tell a story, the quality of videos, and even their voice if they speak – not all do.

So I hope you’ll also be entertained, inspired, and informed by these channels as much as I have been.

And the top of my list is Bernadette Banner – an American YouTuber, author, and former costume assistant, now based in London.  Best known for her interest in and promotion of historical dress reconstruction and study with a focus on the Victorian and Edwardian eras.  She is outspoken against the fashion industry, highlighting environmental concerns and poor work practices.  Banner interned for Tony Award-winning designer Jenny Tiramani at the School of Historical Dress in London and worked as a costume assistant for Broadway as well as on a parody preview video of the Broadway musical Frozen.

With 1.47M viewers, Bernadette describes her channel as a friendly gateway to historical dress.  Highly articulate, Bernadette produces beautifully shot and edited videos using skills she’s honed over time.  Well worth watching for the sewing techniques, history, and presentation – or just to hear her speak.

Next is Frieda Lepold – I’ve only recently come across Frieda, who already has 3.66K subscribers with only two recently-published videos.  Frieda drafts and stitches her own stunning dresses, mixing historical elements with modern fabrics.  Can’t wait to see more of Frieda’s work.

DIY Souki states that her channel is a mix of hand embroidery for beginners and bead embroidery – but it’s mostly beading, and beautiful beading at that.  The videos are well-shot and fairly fast-paced, but with no audio except for birdsong, which makes the stitching the entire focus.  With 127K subscribers, this channel is a pleasure to watch with a relaxing coffee.

Justin Brown – Primal Video has 1.38M subscribers and states that the two brothers are about amplifying business and brand with video – and I have to say, if I have a problem, there’s usually an answer in there somewhere, including video editing tutorials, gear reviews, and loads of video production tips and tricks.

FroyleArt – with 15.8K subscribers, this art-filled collage channel is full of personality, inspiration, and creativity.  Vibrant and energetic, Froyle injects her unique style into stunning collaged artworks and is a very encouraging and supportive presenter.

Helen Wells Artist: Sketchbooks and Art Ideas – Helen has 3.44K subscribers and states that she’s super passionate about art journals, mixed media sketchbooks, and creativity.  As an author and full-time artist, Helen’s creativity and presentation style are very inspiring.  Well worth a visit.

And last but not least is Nicole Rudolph.  Nicole is a time traveler, journeying through the history of tailoring, shoe-making, and dressmaking.  This is a popular channel with 119K subscribers.  Her videos are well-researched, fast-paced, and full of historical information.

I hope you’ve been able to find someone here who offers you something you’ve been looking for.

YouTube – it’s a paradise for creators.