Now many people do not have a website nor do they need one.

Numerous embroidery and textile artists use other social media platforms to showcase and promote their artistic endeavours, and that’s just fine.

But if you want or need a website, there are some things you need to consider apart from the design of course.

Time, content and branding.

Time because websites can devour moments or hours and content because you need to keep your website fresh and up-to-date and that equates to new content.

Once you commit to having a website, there’s also something else to consider: branding.

Branding is the one thing that will tie all your social media platforms together, so think about colours, fonts, logos, headers and footers for each of your pages and of course your landing page art.

I suggest you research before designing your website or paying someone else to create one.  Either way, you’ll have to know what you want.

Begin your research by listening to my latest Stitch Safair Podcast, ‘ Embroidery and Textile Artist’s Websites’ here.

Learn to understand the benefits of space and easy navigation, important for any successful website.

Space allows images and text to shine and breathe.  Make it too cramped and people lose interest and move on quickly.

I like to see images all the same size, and text auto-aligned – it seems neater and more professional – but that’s just my opinion.

I’d also consider the number of tabs leading people around your website – too many and it becomes confusing.

Images should be well-lit and crisp to make your work look amazing – that’s why people will visit your website.

Then there’s the text.  Invest your time writing as well as you can – and try to keep the text informative, clear and precise.

See, there’s nothing to it – I’m joking.

A website is a commitment, but it can also be an amazing way to help create your brand.

Your ideas, creativity and style.

What can you offer?  A regular blog, online workshops, sales, sign-ups, stunning images of your work, and you.

Your website becomes your community.  Check out my Pinterest boards on websites here.

I love landing on a well-thought-out and presented website that offers inspiration, information and a glimpse of the real person behind all that beautiful work.

So think about a website, make sure it shines and let us all know about it.


All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.