An appreciation or need for community may be one very important reason many people gravitate towards embroidery and quilting.

There’s a sense of shared interests and friendships that bind in a community experience, of belonging and acceptance.

A weekend away teaching has renewed my appreciation of the value and importance of a nurturing group of people with a common interest.

We all need that.

A sense of helping, of growing and learning together offering ownership, identity, attitude and interest.

For some, it’s a means to activate their voice, their way of expressing long-held beliefs or feelings – or indeed, of healing from the travails that life sends our way – this community can be a lifeline of support.

And when you see what that looks like when it works so effectively and efficiently, it’s a worthy ambition.

The group I visited combined strong, passionate, articulate women who could give courses in setting up a community – it was so impactful.

The real care and thoughtfulness of each individual toward each other was what really stood out.

Sharing, care and friendship pervaded.

Marcus Tullius Cicero106-43BCE wrote this: ‘Friendship improves happiness and abates misery by the doubling of our joy, and the dividing of our grief.’

So, what are the benefits of belonging to such a community:

  • education – learning new techniques either in a workshop situation or from other members of the group who are proficient and willing to teach
  • having that sense of belonging to a group of like-minded people – especially if you’re new to an area is a great way to meet people
  • finding your voice – now not everyone wants to advocate their thoughts, beliefs or ideas in public but may be happy to do so in a small and caring group, so it’s a great way to grow
  • taking on some responsibilities to help give a sense of ownership and belonging
  • forging new friendships – one of our most basic needs
  • shopping, yes shopping, learn where the best places to shop are, either online or in person
  • a non-judgemental open forum where you are supported and respected

There are many positives in finding a like-minded community of people, but it only works if you’re willing to give back – and in this case, I have to say, this group was the gold standard.

May you find that common thread of a sharing and supportive community.


All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.