Imagination is a spectacular thing.

Unless we continually work to unleash the possibilities of our imagination then it may be all for naught.

How do we let loose those ideas to continually inspire new work?

By simply doing.

All the time – and never stopping.


Because once we stop, it’s that much harder to regain the momentum we once had – it’s like riding a bike up a very steep hill.

So don’t get off that bike – sometimes we may coast along, but inspiration fires motivation that spurs us on day after day.

Nothing fancy is needed – just our normal stitching materials, paper and markers.

Make it simple and keep it moving.

So how do we do that I hear you ask, well, here are some ideas:

  • Make a mind map and invest some time in creating a visual representation of all the ideas around your chosen topic
  • Research art genres that speak to you and begin rejigging previous design work or use some of the ideas from your mind map work as inspiration for new work
  • Place your favourite materials in your favourite colourways in front of you and begin stitching – sometimes this simple method ignites ideas that can turn into new work
  • Love working with dimension?  Turn 2D into 3D work – take the time to problem-solve
  • Research areas of stitch history that interest you or the techniques you work with – it’s well worthwhile looking back as well as looking forward
  • Start a sketchbook practice – a line can quickly turn into an idea
  • Try out a new technique that interests you

Simple ideas to keep that momentum working for you.

Creative block – not allowed here.


All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.