OK, Mr Music Man, we’re dancing with deadlines here, so let’s Tango – my absolute favourite.

Once controversial, the Tango, nonetheless expresses passion, desire and romance, and is one of the most beautifully exotic and artistic forms of dance ever created.

Those earthy, fiery tempos demand attention and movement.  So does a deadline.

The excitement mounts, those rhythms call – eventually, you just can’t help yourself and you submit.  Just like a deadline.

Characterised by marked patterns and postures with abrupt pauses, the Tango nevertheless escalates to a resounding, elegant finale.  It’s a dance resonating and pulsating with energy.  Just like a deadline.

The Tango vibrates with passion.  Each dancer’s fiery zest and athleticism shows in their commitment to the dance, to the gracefulness of their steps and to that all-inspiring music.  So does a deadline.

You can feel the crescendo – that undulating energy, through the finesse of their movements up till the very last beat.  Just like a deadline.

So dance with a deadline.  Re-kindle that passion and energy for your textile and fibre art.  Use your artistic rhythms and processes just like those dancers use their steps, and show your vim and vigour through a commitment to produce new work, enter an exhibition or simply for your own self-satisfaction.

Dance with a deadline – it leads, you follow.

cathy jack coupland