Sedentary: inactive, sitting, stationary.

Well, that’s what happens when we stitch.

Now I’m not advising what form of movement one takes to help combat these times of stillness, but I am suggesting some antidote to those sometimes long times of inactivity.

And it doesn’t matter if you work by hand or machine as I’ve encountered problems with both – the only way I can manage or alleviate those problems is through movement and stretching.

Now, I’m also including hands here because they’re often overlooked – just a few simple stretches done regularly can work wonders and invigorate those nimble fingers to continue making magic.

That’s the whole point – if you wish to continue stitching for long periods, then gentle movement and stretching may help – I’m not saying it’s the curative for all ills, but it may help.

Plus getting those eyes to focus on long distances for a change certainly makes a big difference to me.

So whatever form of movement and stretching you choose to adopt, it may enable you to continue stitching longer.

A simple walk, in fresh air and sunshine works wonders, or if you’re like me, then check out YouTube for myriad videos on stretching and exercise – just ensure it’s safe for you and seek advice before you begin.

The take-home message here is to compensate for all those motionless moments – and make it enjoyable.

Do your due diligence first though if you have to – get medical advice to ensure what you do is safe for you.

It works for me, I hope it does for you too – just gently as you go.

All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.