We all have time constraints.

We are all time-poor.

Or are we?

The real question is, who’s actually in control here?

You or time?

The pressure of a deadline can sometimes make us feel like cutting corners in our work, but is it worth lowering our standards simply to reach that cut-off point?

Of course not.

The thing to do is to learn to control the time available and use it sensibly to reach those goals without the need to lower the quality of our work.

I like to sit down and work out a simple easy-to-follow plan and I stick to it.

I allow extra time to include writing beautifully about my art, inspiration, and materials, while also taking good quality, styled images of the processes I use, as well as the finished artwork as a whole along with detail shots.

Learn to focus on the task at hand, dispel distractions and say no when necessary – because this is your work, your business, and your reputation on the line with every stitch, brush stroke, or beaded embellishment.

Don’t set false limits that will eventually return to haunt you.

Manage your time wisely and maintain those high standards you set for yourself.

It’ll show in your work.


All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.