I won’t find my pearl of inspiration lying in the sand.  I have to dig a lot deeper to find it.

When I first used the analogy of the pearl to challenge myself this year, little did I know it would lead me down some very interesting, dare I say, pearly paths.

The pearl is, after all, formed because of irritation.  Well, I have a form of irritation too – an itch that needs scratching.  To produce a pearl, I have to cultivate layers of research and learning before being able to produce something miraculous and one-of-a-kind – just like the oyster.

If oysters can turn their irritations into pearls, so can I. 

I have an idea of where I’d like to head.  It’s a lot of work, and it has to look like I’ve taken my work to another level.  Still me, still colourful, but definitely different.  That’s the plan.

Pinterest is a great place for me to spend time, mulling over ideas with a coffee, and it’s here I discover an artist whose work I admire.  So much so, I’ve ordered a book on her work.  Her name is Marjorie Schick.  See images of her work here.

Are you like me and find inspiration through the work of other artists?

Wading through the artistic endeavours of others can be a pleasurable, yet time-consuming occupation, but every now and then there’s a gem, a glimmer of a pearl of another colour.  Something that makes me think.  And that’s what I need to do, think.  Think more, think differently and take those thoughts for a very long walk.

They may lead nowhere, or, they may be the beginning of the first layer of my very own, brand new pearl.

‘To find yourself, think for yourself.’  Socrates

I’m excited and we all need excitement in our lives and in our work.

cathy jack coupland