As artists, I think we’ve all experienced set-downs, unkind comments, and just plain bad manners.

As adults, we need to separate ourselves from that constant negativity or it may impede our artistic growth and happiness.

And sometimes, just sometimes, that separation can mean we become isolated and alone – and whilst the work may be pouring out, you the artist lack the nourishment and enrichment of like-minded others – your tribe.


Others who think and feel just as you do.

Others who offer respect, support, and a level of professionalism.

And most importantly, others who speak that common language of artistic freedom and creativity.

They’re your tribe.

Where do you find them?

Good question.  Sometimes they may be where you least expect them to be.

But once found, your tribe inspires and lifts you in a way nothing else can.

They sustain, stimulate, and boost your advancement.

Best of all, they never, never criticize or hold you back.

Find your tribe, now.


All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.