Finally, I’ve had time to go through my workroom since moving last year.

Unfortunately, this sort of work attracts a short attention span – I’d much rather be stitching, but I am consistent so after a few days I hope to have everything returned to rights.

But, I’m wondering if I’m the only person who finds unfinished work and looks at them differently after a lapse in time.

Two items caught my eye.  One was a watercolour I’d created for a workshop that didn’t go ahead and the other was a smallish square of beadwork.

Now, I see potential in both.

So much so, that I’ve nearly finished stitching onto the painting, below, and I have ideas for the beadwork.

I love watercolour painting and while I’m not technically adept, I have great fun creating blooming circles, running rivulets and areas where myriad colours bleed and merge to create an amazing background to stitch onto.

So I topped it with some beautiful embroidery and beadwork and I’m pleased with the result.

Now I have an idea for a 3D piece using the newly-found beadwork as the base.

Are you like me?  Do you find unfinished treasures and see them with new eyes simply because you haven’t seen them in some time?

Because what it shows is the value of never throwing anything away.  Keep it.  Look at it down the road when you can see the strength that lies within.

Now I’m enjoying my tidy-up because I have no idea what I have tucked away within all those bags and packets.

And I’m inspired.

Forgotten, maybe, but treasure indeed!


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