2020 is all about new directions.  After completing a couple of pieces of current work, I’m throwing down the gauntlet, taking a leap of faith and I’m upping the ante.  Watch out Cathy Jack Coupland – I’m after you.

Challenges set by others I usually avoid at all costs, definitely, without a doubt, exclusively and absolutely.  Can you tell I have a genuine and utter dislike for them?  That’s just external pressure.  This challenge is different.  It’s the best challenge of all – the one where I pressure myself, my ideas, where I can take my technique and really question, question, question – everything.

And that’s what’s happening now. I’m working on the basics of mark-making and understanding the type of marks I seem to make repetitively.

By looking backward, this challenge exerts inward pressure.  It will define new thought processes and outcomes.

My process is simply a natural step-by-step progression, really whatever feels right – and if it feels right, just go for it, I say.  Trust instinct.

  • Inspiration.
  • Develop design ideas.
  • Sample.
  • Refine design.
  • Transfer design.
  • Stitch.

Now while this seems extremely simplistic, it is the basis of what I know works and what I actually do.  That’s not to say there aren’t times of great angst, uncertainty, disappointment, and deep frustration.  Of course, there are.  But I’m digging deep here.

This inner pressure we exert on ourselves produces the best work possible.  It’s also part of The Iceberg Effect, the things people don’t see which tend to yield the most success.

Inspiration I have, now it’s time to develop design ideas.  That’s a great segue to my next post, Finding Your Unique Style Quick Quiz.  Enjoy.

cathy jack coupland