There’s really only one place to find inspiration and spark curiosity – look no further than your passions, interests, and topics you feel strongly about.

And from these simple things, you can nourish a sustainable and successful design outcome driven by the:

  • inspiration
  • motivation
  • routine
  • consistency
  • momentum
  • research
  • education and learning
  • knowledge and growth
  • meaningful outcomes

to create work that resonates with your unique artistic voice.

Let me show you the simple methodology I use to find inspiration, I call it my Top 10 Method.

And for this to work, you need to be relaxed and open your mind to anything and everything.  Best done while you’re having a morning coffee or tea perhaps, and the perfect tool to help this along is the simple mind map.

Allow thoughts and ideas to percolate and develop to form a cascading torrent of topics – just drift and take it slowly.

Words are powerful, so write them down – look and dream.

Think about your hobbies or pastimes, and make notes about topics that interest you based on things such as nature, the environment, art, colour, history, water, fashion – whatever interests you.

Don’t forget to include topics such as protest, sustainability, politics, love, war, culture, and identity.

Compile a list of ten of these interests and passions.

Now choose your top three – and these have to be topics that you’d be willing to invest your time and energy in researching and developing further.

And there’s your pot of gold – because concealed somewhere within, will be a spark or an idea that can be fleshed out into new design work, if not an entirely new body of work.  And it’s all yours.

Pick just one and become a hunter/gatherer – a collector of information and images.

Check out my Pinterest boards for endless hours of curiosity.