Yes, we live in a time of information overload, as I’m sure you’re all well aware.

But, most of it’s irrelevant, useless, and simply a waste of time – it’s just noise.

Information should be there to help us make better decisions, enable informed choices, form a point of view, and become an actionable way forward.

It shouldn’t be a distraction, a disturbance, or a sidetrack – but, I’m afraid it is now.

And, as individuals, we’ll view the information around us differently, use it differently and form different outcomes as a result.

That’s how it should work.

The trick is knowing what’s useful and what’s not.

One way is to do your own research before any actionable decisions are made.

Another would be to action that information and keep changing it until it suits your purposes.

I hear you ask, has this anything to do with textile art or the processes of creating meaningful art?

Yes, very much so, in my opinion.

Just go to a craft event, quilt show, or local fabric store.  There’s a surfeit of tools, books, notions, patterns, fabrics, workshops, tutorials, and ideas – all joggling for a prime position in your consciousness.

Many are good, but do they all apply to you?

Of course not.  But the temptation’s there.

Not all information is good information.  It has to be filtered to suit both your needs and abilities, and just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

So do your due diligence, and research before you take any action, or, use that knowledge as a baseline starting point and make changes until it does.

With experience comes awareness and alertness to this constant bombardment of information.

Select with care and make that info noise yours.