Well, this could be quite divisive, as I’m sure everyone has an opinion.

There’ll definitely be a cohort who believe in beginning, getting going or commencing work as being critical.  Some even suggest starting more and more work to get the creative juices going.  Really?

Then there’ll be the section that believes the complete opposite – completing, accomplishing and fulfilling work is far more pivotal.  So, basically finishing a weak design is a good thing too?

Me, I believe in being selective at the get-go, so that the work I begin, I finish.

Who’s got the time to start endless new pieces of work?  Not me.  Who’s got the energy to finish a design that’s not working?  Not me.

‘An intelligent person aims at wise action, a fool starts off in many directions.’   Prov 17:24

Wise action is what I’m aiming for as I simply do not have the time to waste on unworkable projects.  And by wise action, I mean considered planning and preparation – or in other words a creative system or process.

Over the years I’ve developed a process that works for me.  Led by passion, fuelled by inspiration, fleshed out by research and expanded through design development.

It’s an easy step-by-step formula I feel comfortable with, but even more importantly, I have confidence working with.

Too many ideas simply crowd my creative space.  I need focus and commitment to produce my artwork.

And that’s not to say I don’t have hundreds of new ideas buzzing around trying to break into my artistic consciousness.  I do.  But realistically, the cream has to be allowed to rise to the surface.  I run with the best idea, the best concept, the best designs I can possibly come up with.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

So for me, the question of whether starting or finishing is the more important is really irrelevant.

The important question should be ‘is it the best I can possibly do?’

cathy jack coupland