An emotive line is something to behold – the more simplistic, the more I love it.  But shape can be just as powerful and moving.

Want to add personality and feeling to your work?

Want to include power and contrast as well?

Then look no further than a simple line and/or shape.

Let me review the diversity of lines and shapes.  You can:

  • create a morse code of dots and dashes
  • draw a powerhouse of thick squiggles full of power and emotion
  • work them thick or thin, straight or diagonal, angry or calm
  • make them seductively curved and sinuous
  • use them in a rigid grid or like organically spilled birdseed
  • make a circle, create a smile, or endless romantic hugs and kisses
  • work them in mathematical and military regularity – squares, triangles, rectangles, or circles
  • make a series of footprints on a lonely beach
  • create a torrent of rain or a single tear-drop
  • make a coil full of tension or curved loops dripping with happiness
  • create a leaf or a forest of leaves
  • make an endless array of poetic patterns
  • write a story or draw a caterpillar
  • draw a bee or a beehive

They all start with a line.

A simple, easy, line.

Our ancient ancestors knew their importance – research their cave drawings and petroglyphs.

Simple and descriptive, representing things that were important in their lives, visually recording their history, and their stories.

But we moved on to include line and shape to write, count, and record – creating some of the most beautiful books and art the world has ever seen.

All from a simple line and shape – and some imagination.

Where would a line or shape take you today?