Times are tough, especially here in Sydney, Australia, with Covid Lockdown now in its sixth week.

Life centres around the home and whatever we can do from there.  So my solution is to conjure some precious magic and reconnect creating an atmosphere of charm and enchantment.

Disenchantment happens – especially with our textile and fibre art.  But the word itself used to allude to no longer believing in magic.

Well, I’m bringing the magic back.  In medieval times people were very connected to a belief in the spiritual – trying to explain life’s happenings where no explanation existed.  But it also offered solace and comfort, dynamism and drive, aspiration, and ambition.

So why not dismiss the rational and the practical and bring back a belief in creating magic.

Write a list of all the things you’ve ever wanted to try in your textile and fibre art.  Choose three.  Then list the ideas that come to mind for each.  Hopefully, one will surface above the others.

For instance, I seem to have a passion for texture – yet I continue to create work using the same technique.  Now I’m not saying I’m going to stop doing that, not at all.  But I’m want to extend my repertoire, explore, make mistakes – and create different magic.

And creating magic is a gift we can easily give ourselves and others.  Make it spellbinding.  Conjure an illusion.  Juggle with some jiggery-pokery.

Let’s use our skill and ability to fabricate something captivating and irresistibly spellbinding.

It might just be the beginning of conjuring your own magic.

cathy jack coupland