MOMENTUM, HOW TO BUILD IT, KEEP IT OR GET IT BACK, BY MICHAEL McQUEEN, Published by John Wiley and Sons Australia Ltd, 2016

How often can you honestly say, you’ve read an INSPIRATIONAL, LIFE-CHANGING book?

Referencing-Sonia by Cathy Jack Coupland

Momentum helped me finish Referencing Sonia within a very short time-frame. I knew it was a good design. By using the momentum of wanting to see it fully resolved, I was able to stay focused to finish the work.


Well, this one was, for me.  I could read it every day.  I’ve encouraged my family to read it and promoted it in one of my design classes.  Australian born author and speaker, Michael McQueen hits the nail on the head in terms of presenting his ideas on Momentum, simply yet extremely powerfully.  It reached out to me and consolidated ideas I hadn’t even articulated, yet instinctively follow in my own work practice.  It helped me see what I do as a whole.  The coalescing of a number of different acts to produce a desired outcome.  Who knew?

‘Much like the wind, momentum can’t be seen – but you can certainly feel its presence’.  Michael McQueen

This book is not about textiles or art, in fact it’s business based and offers examples to support Michael’s theories which are very much on point.  It encompasses the ideals needed to be successful, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.  This how-to book inspires advancement by generating that much needed, much overlooked action of building MOMENTUM.  The big plus here is that it’s well set out and easy to read.

How many times have you felt or heard others say something like, ‘I’m in the groove’, or ‘I’m on a roll’?  That sweet spot where everything, for whatever reason, is going well and you move forward in leaps and bounds.  Well, Michael explains the ‘why’ behind that precious, exhilarating experience; how to achieve it, how to get it back if it’s been lost and most importantly, how to maintain it.

‘Objects at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to stay in motion’.  Michael McQueen.

We’ve all had times when ‘we’ve lost our mojo’ or ‘taken our eyes off the ball’, but do we honestly know how to reverse that?  Read this book.

Michael has peppered this small publication with inspirational phrases from Chinese and Russian proverbs as well as leading business people.  It doesn’t matter what they do.  What matters, is how they do it – and that’s the same for all of us.  If you want to get ahead and do well, here is a simple structure that works.

The icing on the cake, the one simple idea encapsulating the whole ethos of this book, Michael presents in the form of a mathematical equation.  Honestly, it’s brilliant.  You’ll have to buy the book though to find out.  As Michael says,

‘Mastering the art of momentum is as much a game of offence as it is one of defence – it Is not enough to merely avoid the enemies of momentum.  To that end, following is a pro-active game plan for building massive and unstoppable momentum – the sort that can change the game entirely’.

Click here for Michale’s website where you can purchase a copy of this wonderful book.  In my opinion, ‘Momentum’ is essential reading for anyone wanting to improve and succeed, no matter what you do.