Perception comes in two forms – how we see ourselves, and, how others see us.

Now, of course, we know ourselves intimately after all we live our lives each day fully conscious of what we do and more importantly, why we do it.

But many most likely see us quite differently.

And as an artist, one thing I strive for in my business and art practice is consistency – why?  Because then anyone can judge me on my work.  It’s not about personalities, or allegiances or someone else’s agenda.  It’s about my unswerving dedication and reliable predictability as a textile artist.

One thing I’ve learnt on this amazing life journey is to make up my own mind about what is shown to me as a trait or characteristic – good or bad.  And from there I can make well-informed decisions or choices.

The disconnect occurs when those perceptions are impacted by outside forces and don’t align.  And of course, it happens with our art.

So the only answer for me is to be reliable, consistent, dedicated and dependable – that’s a life trait I’ve applied to my art practice.  And by doing that,  others can then make up their own minds based on what I consistently do and the work I continually produce.

These traits are all part of my life story, but no one but me really knows my life story.  However, if people look at my work, it’s clearly visible for all to see – they just have to take the time to look and judge for themselves.

Are these traits and characteristics noticeable in your art practice?

cathy jack coupland