There’s a fine line in there somewhere.  Just how long do you persist?  When do you adjust?  And why change?

As visual artists working in the genre of textile art, these questions are always back of mind.

If we want to improve and progress, we can’t simply continue with same-old, same-old – we have to keep our work fresh and relevant, especially to sell or compete.

But our work should also be a reflection of our values which is saying a lot about ourselves, so change too often and we stand for nothing.

And if we don’t change, we’ll simply be left behind.

So the real question is, how do we retain our core values yet keep evolving and renewing?

The answer is something only you the artist can answer.

As textile artists, it’s up to us to lead, not to follow.

So persistence is relevant if you’re heading in the right direction – and even more relevant if it’s a new direction.

Adjustment is necessary from one piece of work to the next to make our work as faultless as possible.

And if things aren’t working, then it’s obviously time for a change.

Persistence, adjustment, and change are three words that should be in every textile artist’s vocabulary.