‘Pinterest – a visual-bank of some of my favourite artists, ideas and inspiration.  It’s all about being curious.’  Cathy Jack Coupland

And I’m always depositing. I’m referring to the amazing social media, web, and mobile app designed especially to save and discover images and information on the world wide web, Pinterest.

Pinterest comprises ‘pins’ and ‘boards’.  Pins are ideas and links from around the web, Boards are cute little homes for your pins.  Once you have an account, begin ‘pinning’ and creating your own boards.  It’s a fairly steep learning curve, but stick with it, it’s worth the effort – plus there’s plenty of free information and support on Pinterest to help you.

To date, I seem to have amassed scores of boards.  The mind boggles at how many pins are housed therein, however, I don’t care.  I love it.  With pleasure in your heart and a sense of great contentment, grab a coffee put your feet up, and peruse my Pinterest account here.

Am I wasting my time going down this oh-so-visual, never-ending rabbit hole?  Again, I don’t care.  I’m as happy as a pig in mud.  Let me wallow.  I’m learning, expanding my field of reference, and having fun.  Who knows when or indeed, if, I’ll ever use this information.  For me, there’s a great sense of satisfaction, if not gratification, just having it there for me to access whenever I want.

Sit back and indulge without restraint or any sense of guilt, as I do.

cathy jack coupland