Poetic licence is the freedom to depart from the facts of the matter or from the conventional rules to create an effect.

And it’s heaven-sent for textile artists.

Usually applied to literature, there’s absolutely no reason it can’t be used, and used successfully to help inspire creative stitch.

After all, embroidery is just like poetry and creative writing, exploring themes full of power and meaning, but with that added layer of design.

So this is a true coalescence of thinking and making, with embroidery being the perfect medium to translate those thoughts and ideas – inspired by words into stitch, giving you permission to step onto that magic carpet ride using your very own imagination.

And that’s the honey-pot – imagination.

Why not close the door to being literal and bring forward the world of whimsy into your artistic work?

Just feel the difference in the words.  Literal: strict, plain, factual, simple, and bare.  Whimsical: fanciful, playful, mischievous, waggish, and fantastic.

Already I’m feeling the difference.

Step away from what’s expected and give your viewers something totally unexpected and exciting.

Translate your thoughts into words.

Write your own poem, create your own story and embellish it with every ounce of creativity that inspires you.

Start a daily practice of writing and drawing to connect with your inner feelings and make them an essential part of your artistic process.

Make it quirky and offbeat, capricious and mercurial.

Draw then write, or write, then draw, just connect the two.

Now translate that into stitch.

Experiment, take risks.

It’s all yours.