‘A power word is a copyrighters dream.  A swipe-file is a dream of another colour.’  

Who’d think a textile artist would be writing about power words and swipe files.  It just shows how illuminating and illustrative creating can be.  To create, I also need to write.  Whether that’s for this blog, about myself – bios, my work, artist statements or to develop, describe and promote classes.

What’s been revealed is a modern-day, imaginative Pandora’s Box, housing clever, sagacious writing, littered with exquisite words, rhythms and magnificent imagery.

That doesn’t come naturally for me; I have to work for it.  Introducing the swipe file; a collection of writing samples.  Add the mastery of power words and I’m well on the way to my writing Nirvana, thank you Pandora.

Evidently writing with power words is like working with a number of deadly sins such as greed, sloth, lust, vanity, anger, fear, curiosity and trust.  I know this sounds weird, but seemingly words under these pennants can turbo-charge your writing.  Why?  Because they emote.  What grabs attention?  Emotion.

So where do I begin?  By creating a robust, content-filled swipe-file of course.  Now I want to state clearly, it’s not OK to copy, but it is OK to be inspired.  So I read and analyse what it is I’m enjoying and why.

You can use technology such as Evernote, Pinterest or Pocket as a repository for all this information, but for me, I just make computer files.

Find a suitable domicile for this wealth of information because it’s gold.  Lift that lid from this bountiful Pandora’s Box and revel in the wealth of knowledge, inspiration and content creation this will endow.

No can of worms here, just the precious treasure of words – your words.  

Next week, it’s Top Secret!

cathy jack coupland