It’s an exhausting world out there – especially the world of textile and fibre art.

There’s a superfluity of instruction, books, tutorials, classes, and videos sure to set us on a path to certain success – or do they?

Of course not.  People can write a book or teach, but is it right for everyone?  No.

Instruction only works if it’s effective in progressing our technique or ideas.

But then, that’s really down to ourselves – it’s what we do with that instruction that really counts.

Take it further.  Don’t just accept.  Challenge concepts.  Make it ours.

Be subversive and rebellious.  Know where you’re heading and why.  Acknowledge inconsistencies, the unusual, and the disparate and use them.

Set a direction and rationale then jot down the steps for accomplishment.

Focus and deviate only if it moves those goals closer to fruition.

Working this way is the only means I know to retrieve intuition – that unique reliance on our instincts – scary but necessary in producing textile art stamped with our own very unique brand.

And that’s how we find our way.

But it needs to be worked at every day.