‘Run the risk.  If it works out, happiness.  If not, wisdom.’  Unknown

Do I take the gamble?  Do I risk the uncertainty?  It might pay off; it’s unpredictable, but it might be about the best decision I ever made.

I bet my bottom dollar, we’ve all been there, asked those exact same questions at some stage in our lives.  And they are relevant.  The answers though could just be the staircase to success, self-development, and achievement.

Let me share a story.  Over a decade ago, I was at a personal crossroads.  There was an unanswered need in my life.  Without warning, an opportunity arose that intrigued me.  Being unsure of myself and my abilities, I didn’t know what to do.  What I did know, was that I needed change.  Sink or swim – I’m a swimmer!

I made the decision that ultimately changed my life.  It gave me focus and direction, although I didn’t realise it then.  I signed up for a twenty-month, face-to-face, mentored course.  Sounds insipid and uninspiring, doesn’t it?  But it recast my entire life.

So, what was the need I was looking for?  Creativity.  Prior to this, I had no time, or rather, didn’t make time for being artistic and imaginative.  I was apprehensive, but my disquiet slowly evaporated.

‘I listened to my instinct, which kept telling me to take the risk.   It transpired I wasn’t afraid of failure.  I was far more fearful of not giving it a go, of facing no change at all.’

I jumped off that cliff.

Decisiveness then led to a new life-path now.

Next week:  Great Idea.  OMG.  What’s Next?

cathy jack coupland