When I create a new design and stitch it out, I’m simply trying to do the best job possible, always.

Every work attracts that same level of commitment and connection from me.

Yet not all my work is successful.

Which makes me ask, why?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I’m simply trying to grapple with the logic of it.

Same input – different outcome?  But why?

And the only sensible answer I can come up with is that creating something astonishing, or trying to be innovative all the time, is simply not possible.

Yes, the input might be exactly the same for each work, but that breakthrough moment or that special spark is a rare and precious thing indeed.

And while we’re all trying to look for it and latch onto it, it’s also very elusive.

There has to be time for a connection between the work we do, the techniques we explore, and the themes we research – and the longer we explore those connections, the better chance we have of seeing that magic happen.

So, for me, taking. pride in my work, my processes, and systems every time I create is a success in itself – otherwise, it’s business as usual in my studio.

Same input, different outcomes – it’s common sense really.