After years of stitching, I never really set out with the aim to sell.

How things have changed, because I do now.

And although I don’t have an online sales platform yet, one is in the offing.

So, it really comes back to that age-old question.  Do you make to sell or do you continue to go your own way, create new work and push your own boundaries?

As a practicing textile artist, my opinion is that to do the former is certain death to your creative spirit, so the only way I see forward for any artist wishing to sell their work is to continue to be creative.

Now that may mean some work will simply not resonate with your audience – and that’s the risk I suppose, of our creative freedom.

In my very first gallery exhibition, I made a series of small works titled ‘Happy Houses’.

They were fun, playful expressions using sinuous shapes, vibrant colours, and odd angles.


I believe they sold out, but would I want to make them evermore?  Of course not – although from time to time I do look back on them with new visions of how I could apply that same theme differently.

At the crux of the matter, for me, and I suspect most textile artists, is the need to create new work.

Perhaps it’s all about the challenge?

Sampling – that vast arena of trial and error is another avenue that often leads to both expected and unexpected outcomes – and therein lies the magic because it’s often those ideas that come without warning that are the way forward to creating new work.

And there’s the plus – the excitement.

As artists, we need to feel the excitement of that creative chase.

It begins with an idea.  It germinates into a melding of technique and materials.  It satisfies a need within us.

And that simply can’t be achieved by creating same-old, same-old.

So, if you wish to sell your work, my advice would be this:

  • find your audience
  • continue to create work that resonates within you
  • use new techniques and materials only if they add to the work you’re creating
  • hone your marketing and branding skills
  • remain professional in your presentation and on-point in the messages contained in your work
  • get on top of your social media
  • be organized and on top of all paperwork, images and pricing
  • price fairly
  • present your work in pristine condition

And, may your sales increase.


All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.