Yesterday I sat down to work on a particular idea.

Yesterday I created something completely different.

Colours and materials were visible as I worked, enabling ideas to flow easily.

I had no plan other than to create.


Does it matter how I work?  Not for me.

Ideas coalesce and move around before being expressed and represented in a design.

That makes creativity so interesting – that individual approach.

Some swear by using sketchbooks to flesh out concepts and ideas, yet others like to work intuitively, letting ideas evolve as they will.


I like to use both methods and find both successful.

Sometimes there’s nothing like using a large, clean sketchbook page that allows freedom to draw, make notes and research different creative pathways.

But working intuitively can bring similar success through advancing and progressing ideas as you work – problem-solving ideas as they arise is what pushes this method forward.

Creativity needs to be fostered – how you do it is up to you and what works for you.

And sometimes it’s refreshing and inspiring to move between the two.


All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.