Every day we have choices ahead of us.

Every day we can do a little better than yesterday.

By taking small steps, every day we can set ourselves up to be winners.

Do you want to stitch every day, but find it difficult to get yourself started?

Why not organise your threads, equipment, and fabric the night before so everything is ready to go?

Why not have a step-by-step plan in mind whereby small daily stints of stitching are easily achieved and thus satisfying?

Set aside just an hour a day to devote to what you love to do – your stitching – the choice is yours, just watch that daily habit begin to grow and build.

I know from years of experience how difficult it can be, particularly with work and family commitments.

But finding that time is something only you can do, the choice is yours alone.

The thing is, if nothing changes then you’re exactly where you were yesterday.

But if you make small changes that build and grow and that you can see and feel happening, then you’ll be the winner.

Do you want to know the secret affecting change – CONSISTENCY?

Small steps done consistently build on each other day by day.

That’s all it takes to set yourself up to obtain what you want – and if that includes stitching, then include it.

The alternative is that nothing changes at all, and, as a result, you’ve achieved nothing.

I’m going to take my advice here and do something I’ve been putting off for ages.

It’s all about small steps.


All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.