Over the years, I’ve learned to work the way that best suits me.

Whether that relates to my embroidery work, or to the business aspects of what I do, it applies equally to both.

Sure, when embroidery inspiration hits, I’ll focus on reaching an outcome, and really push until that happens – just as in this small sample exploring Spider Webs.


Generally, though, it’s the regular, consistent application of time and energy that gets me to a final resolution.

So in this post, I wanted to write about what I’ve learned about social media and social media posting.

I can almost see eyes glazing over – as mine once did, but it’s important for any textile and fibre artist running their own business to actually understand this topic.  Or understand it as much as they can…

Because, if you do your research, you’re bombarded with the ‘do this’ or ‘do that’ mentality that will always lead you to unchartered and unparalleled success.

And trust me, there’s a lot of that type of information out there – some of it is actually worthwhile.

Most of it, however, would have you working full-time writing content to post almost daily at the oddest times imaginable.

I tried content creation till my mind was in total turmoil.

I tried coming up with social media schedules – it had my head swimming.

And I tried ideas for growing lists.

It was a total waste of my time and energy that would have been far better used elsewhere.

What’s worked for me, and what I’ve come to rely upon is the slow and steady approach.

If you’re a practicing artist, creating work on a daily basis is surely where your focus should be – promotion on social media certainly requires attention, but you need the work and its supporting narrative to create that interesting content in the first place.

Good images, sparkling, honest writing, and a fairly regular posting schedule are the simple criteria I use – and yes, sometimes there may be gaps – that’s because I’m designing, stitching, and creating.

I post on IG and FB early because that not only suits me but seems to suit most of the people who follow me.

I write and post this blog regularly so that those who sign up know it’ll be in their inbox every week.

And I try to add to and update my website consistently so information is fresh and people can see what I’m doing – I’m creating a continuous narrative.

It’s not rocket science, but until you understand what works for you and what you want to actually achieve from it, it’s tempting to be led by ideas for killer content, or the best times to post on social media for instant and outrageous success.

It’s not going to happen.

Slow and steady is a far simpler and far more effective methodology for success in my opinion – and it allows you to work on what’s really important.

Creating more new work.

Good luck on both counts.


All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.