Taking images this morning, I thought I would write about some of what I do behind the scenes.

From collage to photography to editing to social media and finally filing – yes filing!

Just what do I have to go through to achieve the simple collage work featured below which I can then use for inspiration, marketing, promotion and pure enjoyment?  All of the above!

This post addresses just a part of the business behind the business of being a professional, hopefully, efficient Textile Artist.  Why?

Because this is one aspect of what I do, I have to be on top of.  It’s my responsibility.  I need to know how to take good images of my work (or pay someone else to do so), understand how to edit those images, how to use them to market myself and my work and finally keep this information in some sort of format that makes sense to me.  It’s no longer acceptable to cross my fingers and rely upon outside entities to do this.  It’s not their job, it’s mine!

Experience has taught me, it’s so much easier and saves a great deal of time if I determine a process that suits me and the outcomes I need to achieve.  If things change, I can change that process, no problem.

Jotting down a flow chart helps.  I start at the top of a piece of paper and bullet point every step, no matter how small, I need to accomplish to achieve my desired outcome.  I’m a visual person, it helps if I see it on paper.

I’ve been spending time working behind the scenes, using collage, a technique I’ve not used extensively.  I’m hoping this will inspire new work, new colour schemes, and new mark-making ideas.

So how many processes do you think make up this new collage work from beginning to end? 

For me, there are eight main headings, with fifteen sub-headings.  Is this OTT?  No, not really.  Do a quick flow-chart of some of your processes.  You might be just as surprised as I was.

Here’s my flow chart for Collage>Photography>Editing>Social Media>Filing:

Collage:  shape, visual interest, colour and theme.

Colour Inventory:  hue and value.

Mark Making:  shapes and patterns.

Photography:  focus and interest.

Editing:  cropping, and resizing.

Layout:  text overlays and layout for social media.

Social Media:  posting on platforms.

Naming and Filing:  for my sanity!

Does this look like a lot of work and screamingly time-consuming?

Sure it does, but I’ve become more confident and efficient doing what I do, so it doesn’t seem to take so long.  Plus, I’m enjoying it.  To promote myself and what I do, I have to do this.  On occasion, I’ve used online courses to help me understand the technology involved.

From me to you, I realised some time ago, I’m in charge here – in a nice way of course.  My work is my passion, so it makes sense I understand the processes I need to accomplish what I need to do, in the most efficient way possible as well as being able to be replicate that process over and over again.  It’s common sense to me.  Do you feel the same?

cathy jack coupland