Transformation and change come through tremendous effort – day in, day out, hands down.

And expending effort is the one way to produce textile and fibre art of great beauty or that makes a passionate statement or simply creates magic – our very own unique magic.

It’s not about perfection or trying to be the best – it’s much more about going that extra mile to reveal thoughtful design and showcase an attention to detail that goes above and beyond.  You know – the type of work that stops you in your tracks and makes you say ‘wow.’  And hat’s rare.

That extra energy, that extra effort shows how much we care.  But it also shows respect and passion.  Respect for ourselves as artists because we’re willing to put in the time and effort to do our very best each and every time we create, for the viewer and the experience we’re offering them, but also the avid collector too because what’s offered is the best we can produce.  And any artist passionate about their art and craftsmanship knows that time and effort are key.

Remember energy is contagious, so tread with care.  Producing sub-standard work requiring minimum effort might give speedy results, but it could also imbue sub-standard energy and sloppy workmanship.  It’s a vicious circle and a time-waster.

And one thing I hate wasting is time.  Yet, I continually go down rabbit holes and make mistakes – but for me, that’s learning – it’s simply adding to my list of valuable experiences.

Over the last couple of months, my focus has been on hand embroidery, after accepting an invitation to create an artwork made by hand.

I’ve flipped and flopped, but each path I’ve gone down has produced something – the samples I’ve made re-acquainted me with my love for handwork.  The design I initially came up with had to be down-sized and changed considerably until just in the last week or so I think I’ve found a way forward – and it’s different again.  But I still have those valuable designs.

It’s taken a lot of time and effort for me to get to this point – valuable time and effort I’m willing to expend to create my very best.

And while it’s very different work for me, I can honestly say, I’m loving every moment.  It’s making me think, research, explore and delve into even more rabbit holes – but that’s just what it takes.

An artist who is happy to continually put in that extra effort and make mistakes along the way for sure – is a much stronger artist than those who won’t even bother to try.

So go after what your want – make that extra effort, give your time and trust in your instincts for both.