Think quality is just about purchasing expensive materials and embellishments to include in your textile and fibre art?

Then think again.

Because quality is a process that has a beginning, that filters right through everything you do.

Now we all strive to hone technical skills and while that in itself can be a sign of quality, it isn’t the only one, because quality is vital in every aspect of your process that begins with the initial concept development and in-depth research before you even begin creating and making, and continues through to your end result.

That then affects the choice and suitability of materials, colours, embellishments, techniques, and interpretation of design elements, ending with finishing and display options.

I’d go even further to include professional quality image-taking throughout your work-in-progress stages, including both full and detailed images in both high and low resolution, and writing artistically and emotively about your inspiration or theme, use of materials, colour choices, techniques, and rationale for finishing techniques along with hanging or display options.

So producing good art is just one part of the quality equation – you also have to back that up with good quality control throughout the entire processes of design development, making, finishing, writing, photography, and display.

Bottom line – there has to be a general concord and harmony of quality control throughout your entire design process.

The art matters, and so does absolutely everything else.

Try to look at your work from every angle, because it’s attention to detail that conveys a sense of quality in any artwork.

Always be on the lookout for how to improve and don’t underestimate the power of presentation and displaying work to consolidate the message the piece is trying to convey.

And learn to be your own best critic – listen to that inner voice because if something isn’t quite right, it’ll tell you.

Quality isn’t just in the eye of the beholder, it’s in our hands – with each and every piece of art we create.

So, if you wish to have your work associated with quality, remember to look at your work processes and choices from beginning to end.

And that’s your choice.


All views and opinions expressed are my own, except where acknowledged information is included from other sources.