Get the recipe right and magic can happen.

What recipe?

The one that suits you and your dreams.

There’s just so much go-to information available now, and so many carrots being dangled in front of us, that it’s become confusing to be able to find your own path.

We’re told, you should do this, or post so many times a week, enter everything you can and keep pushing, selling, and promoting.

To become an all-around professional textile artist is a hard slog.  Not only do we need to create outstanding work, exhibit, and perhaps sell – we also have to create a brand, use social media and promote, promote, promote.

Sorry, but that just doesn’t work for everyone.

It should be more about finding a balance that works for you – and for that, you need to follow your very own recipe.

I’ve learned to pull back, to take a moment, and really look at what’s important to me.  Things like family, and friends, solitary walks, cloud gazing, trying out a new recipe, leafing through a new book I just had to buy, or spending hours creating magical hand embroidery.  These are the things that create moments and memories for me.

And by not entering every exhibition possibility available because, really, it doesn’t suit my work or just doesn’t gel with me the person, I’ve created a firmer, more informed path forward.  Becoming more selective is simply common sense with the swathe of exhibition possibilities now available.

And getting that recipe right plays right into your creative side because when you’re happy and grounded, inspiration just seems to blossom.

It’s a flow-on effect.

So by pulling back, in many ways I’ve become even more creative, centred, focussed, and productive.

Finally, I have the right recipe.  Someone else can deal with all the hype, I just want to enjoy the moment.

What’s your recipe?