Now might be the perfect time to think about switching gears.

What do I mean?

By using the forward momentum from the previous year, to generate the power you need to make changes and provide more energy to create inspired textile art this year.

One of the most inspiring books I’ve read on just this topic of forward momentum was written in 2016 by an Australian award-winning speaker and author, Michael McQueen, titled, appropriately, Momentum.

This easy-to-read book is not related to textiles in any way – it’s based on the business sector, but boy, oh boy is it appropriate?

Regardless of genre, the concept’s exactly the same and I still dip into it from time to time to help keep myself motivated and inspired.

If you take the time to understand the simple delivery, there’s a huge and powerful message contained within those pages.

And it’s all about maintaining momentum.

So perhaps changing gears, thinking differently, and using that forward momentum created in the previous year – or generating a completely new strategy, might provide a meaningful way to formulate inspired and inspiring art.

Really, it’s about maintaining that work ethic, but through a different lens.

‘When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails’.  Jackson Browne

‘Fall in love with the journey, not the destination’.  Unknown

And there’s also this,

‘Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found’.  Eckhart Tolle

So use this quiet downtime to switch gears to actually rev up for a creative new year.

Makes perfect sense to me.