I’m on the internet a lot – researching or simply enjoying some downtime.

That’s when I came across some great images on Pinterest of old vintage traveling cases being repurposed into sewing cases – and I thought it was a fantastic idea for a couple of reasons.

Check these images out here – and see what you think.

Old-fashioned, sewing baskets may be, but there is a need to keep all your sewing kit together, neatly organized, and easily accessible.

Sometimes accumulating all these sewing accoutrements can lead to a hefty investment, so they need looking after, and sewing baskets are often too small, too difficult to get items into and out of, and not always easy to store away.

But, this idea of using a beautiful vintage traveling case – you know the sort, solid, sturdy, rectangular, handle on the top, makes the perfect home for your day-to-day sewing kit.

Think 1940’s black and white movie vintage – simply elegant.

It’s roomier and offers the option for an integrated purpose-made sets of boxes, storage containers, or trays for even more opportunities to organize.

Plus, it’s much easier to carry and store away.

Then there are the clever, clever people who decorate them and make them look so beautifully appealing.

I mean this is simply a win-win here.

So if you have a vintage traveling case hidden away, take it out and give it another look over.

Or, keep your eyes out at vintage or secondhand shops for these sewing kit gems.

I just think, with a little time and imagination, turning a vintage traveling case, or as we call them here in Australia, a suitcase, into useful storage makes so much sense.

But, they must be stylish and they must be practical – just as they were originally intended.

And that’s what I like.


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