The world of textile and fibre art is up to us.

It’s our time to show we care – making it a strong, well-informed and welcoming creative platform.

And while most of us create our work independently, we can still exert influence.

  • We can remember those who have gone before us by researching the genre in which we work – offshoot is we become more knowledgeable and articulate in the work we do, but we’re also respecting the work of those people who have influenced our work and our world.
  • We can make connections with those wanting to learn, with the businesses that supply our needs and with the organisations and individuals supporting us and our work through exhibition opportunities – offshoot is we make ourselves known to the people who really matter.
  • We can promote ourselves and our work to encourage interest from our local communities to major international entities – offshoot is we are a network, both big and small – with an appeal to a multitude of other artistic and non-artistic genres.
  • We can show the possibilities and opportunities as an insight into what is now available, even proposing new scope to create a better arena in which to work when the moment is favourable – offshoot is we need continual growth and sometimes change to compete and remain connected in a very tech-savvy world.
  • And finally, we need to identify as one.  We all understand the same language after all, and that’s the language of thread, fabric and stitch – offshoot is, speaking with one voice has power and impact.

What all this really means, is that the direction our industry takes is up to us.

There are times we need to step back and go with new ideas – then there are times we need to speak up and be heard.

Because, at the end of the day, this simply shows we care.

cathy jack coupland