The tough times…

It’s true.

No matter the artistic endeavour, it’s the tough times that become the litmus test of success.

If you can get past those tough times, it’s often those experiences that help us identify with those who have achieved success, because you can bet your bottom dollar they’ve been there too.

It takes discipline, time, and a great deal of self-belief.

We accept and even applaud up-and-coming athletes pushing themselves to the limits of their endurance to become fitter, stronger, and faster, yet we need to utilise those self-same attributes to help us on the path to our own success.

Working with textiles, in my opinion, is no different – it’s no soft ride, let me assure you.  We still have to strive to push through barriers, maintain standards and present professionally.

And it’s the tough times where we gain the experience to forge a breakthrough, an advancement, or a step forward.

Yes, tough times happen – to everyone.

But what divides us, is how we respond to those tough times.