Slow stitching?  Sometimes it can be very slow indeed.

What to do to keep the time not only entertaining but even educational?

Well, I listen to audiobooks – constantly.

And Podcasts work just as well.

I’ve worked out a system of using wireless earbuds, one at a time so that the other is constantly charged and ready to use.

There’s an endless array of audio material to choose from sure to suit any taste and interest.

For me though, it’s historical romance, whodunnits, or even black comedies.

I’m focused on my work yet I can hear what’s going on around me if I need to.

So the hours I spend with a needle and thread in my hand are augmented by the lure of an entertaining story.

And it’s pure bliss.

Podcasts are easy to locate and so are audiobooks – YouTube offers a bounty of audiobooks spanning every genre imaginable.

The quality of narration can and does fluctuate widely, and some even offer books with background music imprinted over the audio – just horrid, so I’ve learned which channels to look for and which to avoid.

I listen via my phone so I can walk, work, and even exercise before sitting down to enjoy an hour or two of dedicated stitching.

TV’s out of the question because it becomes the focus – not the stitching, so audio-only was the way forward for me.

I know it’s only a small thing, but making stitching time entertaining is important.

Not only do I look forward to my time with a stitching project, but I also round out my day with a well-crafted and beautifully narrated story.

That’s my idea of perfection.



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