I seem to have a love affair with wire at present.

The idea of working ‘off the wall’ in a dimensional format is appealing not only to my senses but to my problem-solving skills.

Who knew I rather like solving a problem and seeing a dimensional work through to its conclusion?

And, at present, it seems to revolve around wire.

Now I’m not talking fencing wire here – although I have thought about buying some to hang work, but at present, I’m simply working with varying sizes of beading wire and those wonderfully old-fashioned covered pipe cleaners.

Because with a little care and thought, these too can become surfaces that will carry stitch and beads.



Use your imagination – how you do it is up to you, and that’s where the vigour of sampling and problem-solving comes into play to reveal potential and possibilities.

Think, sample, move forward – that’s all it takes.

But then comes the fun part of covering those surfaces with embroidered embellishments.

And really, the sky’s the limit, because then, you can manipulate them.

How exciting is that?

Problem-solving and imagination go hand-in-hand, in fact, they complement each other.

So when it comes to wire, play, ponder, and puzzle over a solution, because taking your work off the wall could just change how you look at embroidery and embellishing surfaces.

I know it did for me.

cathy jack coupland


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