I love stories.

Every day I listen to other people’s stories while I’m working.  It helps keep me entertained and focused during the long hours of stitching.

But when I need to create a story, I can only do that through the filter of my own experiences.

So to tell a story, I really need to blend some fairly disparate ingredients, and they need to be well-balanced and cohesive to create a version of the world as only I can see it.  I have to be flexible and open to diverse approaches.

If I care enough, I need to write thoughts and memories down and use words to help propel me along that storytelling path.  Words are so powerful.

Eventually, my vision will begin to seep through, my story will sound like me and build into a creative body of work.

But only if I allow my stories to be driven by the genuine me, rich with my emotions, delights, and expectations.

So, take ownership of your story, and don’t be distracted by the naysayers.

Let your story lead.  It may be the best story ever told!